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How Important is the Name of Your Website

What is in the name? Everything. People know you by your Name, people reach you by your Name, and people spread word about your Name. Your Name is your brand identity, your business identity and lot of times, part of your identity. You would want people to notice it, to like it, to talk about it. It has to be interesting for somebody to notice it in the first place. It has to be engaging for someone to like associating with it. It has to be simple and non-embarrassing for someone to recommend it.
So important, yet do not start with the name, get the vision and mission of your business first, and let the brand name flow from it. We are talking specifically about domain names here. Ideally you should get (or; second option, buy it from the current owner; third option, change your brandname. Whatever the options, please don’t make your BRAND.

TyreOnWheels.Com – Buy Tyres Online with India’s 1st Mobile Tyre Fitting Service at the Doorstep

Have you ever heard of tyre shop coming right at your doorstep? Founded recently in February 2013, now you can buy tyres online with and get them fitted with India’s First Mobile Tyre Fitting Service at your doorstep without even stepping out. There are three things they encouraged in their business – customer service, wider selection of products, and better price. The founding team of TyreOnWheels.Com has a 30 year long experience in the tyre industry.Recently, Retailopia had a one to one with Rajat Malhotra who is the co-founder of the company. : Should I Buy Guitar Online?

Which things should we buy online? Ofcourse everything. But why everything not getting sold online. We are reaching a stage where almost whatever you can think of will get sold online. Those days are not that far. Typically,  people are worried about Price, Packaging, Delivery, Quality of Service etc.  Would you like to buy guitar online if someone will guarantee you about aforementioned. Here comes – Co-Founder and Head Operations, Utkarsh Apoorva.
So, what was the impetus behind this venture? GuitarStreet's foundation dates back to the time when I bought my first Guitar. Not knowing where to purchase it from, I asked some friends and eventually spotted an old store in Chandni Chowk in Delhi. I wasn't aware of the large music stores at CP. Finally, me and my father spotted the store we were looking for, and bought a Givson. The store had very limited options and almost no guidance for making an informed purchase. Fast forward a few years, and the scenario had n…