SnapDeal goof up delivery became HUL Marketing Opportunity

Snapdeal Goof up HUL Marketing on Samsung Galaxy
Snapdeal Goof up 

Recently, Snapdeal goofs up delivery of Samsung galaxy duo mobile phone. The phone Mr Laxminarayan Krishnamurthy   wanted to gift his wife on her birthday. Instead of samsung mobile he has received an old kitchen soap. Imagine a customer reaction.  See what he has written on his facebook wall and the post got viral and till now it has got 20,524 shares on Facebook. Imagine how many people the post might have reached. The rough estimates of the reach could be around 40 to 50 lac people. (just an estimate)

Nothing much to say about Snapdeal, when you see mouthshut reviews and customer complaints.  This is not new. We have earlier faced the similar issue with Snapdeal where they were not able to deliver a printer and in another instance they have sent a defective tricycle for my kid.   

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Apologies, From Flipkart : Mail Sent to All Customers

Flipkart has sent a mail to all its customers. It's good. Flipkart has learnt post Mi3 debacle where lot of customers would like to buy the product . Flipkart has started communicating to customers. It is like Narendra Modi Style. Communicate with your Audience . Always be in Touch. Below is the mail Content.

Dear Customer, 

Yesterday was a big day for us. And we really wanted it to be a great day for you. But at the end of the day, we know that your experience was less than pleasant. We did not live up to the promises we made and for that we are really and truly sorry. 

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale - $100 million -10 hours

3 weeks effort of big billion day sales by Flipkart has come to an end on same day within 10 hours of its launched . Orders - over 300,000 , Sales - $100 million in 10 hours. Flipkart has achieved its target and reached a mark of $100 million well before 1 day and put a full stop and not expecting order. Sachin and Binny Bansal , Co-founders of Flipkart confirmed in Media.

Big Billion Day - War is Personal among Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal

It is getting personal now between Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. All heavy weights of Ecommerce players are fighting a tough battle and this time it is Big Billion Day. While Flipkart has launched big billion day sale on diwali festive season from last 3 weeks. the big billion day campaign is hijacked by, yes. the domain of redirecting to Snapdeal is also not behind . You can see the adverts floating around it. This is a very intense war. Funding is huge for all three and all of them want to be bigger than other two. 

Ecommerce Battle in India is Getting Tough

With the novel government polishing the present India predominantly in economy and defense, India is eagerly encrypting the changes on it whose outputs are expected to be the unbeatable assets for future. The recent reports claimed on the economic growth evidently are the optimistic benchmarks for the anticipated hike in development succeeding shortly. Within this short time, the influence of economic growth spread out   so far has brought various changes in the e- commerce sector too. The unexpected emergence of the great entrepreneurs of the country and their successful step in to the e commerce battle field are the so called boosts for the growing e commerce.

Mobile has taken over Web on e-retail in U.K.

Mobile Devices driving Sales

Tablet and Smart phones have taken over web when it comes to selling online (e-retail) in UK. Over 52% of traffic is coming though mobile devices. In terms of Sales, 36% of sales come through mobile devices (out of which 82% comes through Tablets and 18% through Smart Phones). According to Quarterly Bench marking Report (May 2014 to July 2014) done by U.K. e-retail association Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG)  and Capgemini. The report captures online traffic and sales of top 40 U.K. retailers.

Cashkaro : A Blend of Coupons, Referrals and Cashback

Cashkaro LogoFor people obsessed with shopping more than ever and for those who are proud of their bargaining skills, online retail stores or the new generation e-commerce sites have given them a reason to rejoice. With a modest entry into the Indian retail market, many of the e-commerce websites have already managed to garner great turnovers, drive sales and make revenues.

Myntra - A Jackpot for Flipkart ?

Myntra is now striving the best to keep it’s promise of establishing itself in the realm of e-commerce fashion market by its great contributions and innovative ideas that it adopted within a short span of time to prove the excellence. As the CEO of the company once told that the fledging e – commerce market will shortly see the consolidated emergence of each company individually over the 2 years.

Local Registration - A New Tectic for Amazon

Amazon, the giant in e -commerce is now ready with its new tactic to gain more customers. Some time before the idea put forward for “local registration” was one such preceding move to create an output that aimed at well planned establishment of the company in the mobile market. Yes, it succeeded in its attempt and came up with “Amazon local register”. However this time what the company renders is not the conventional style – the introduction of new mobile types or stores, but a technology that could obviously contribute to a multidimensional trustworthy money transfer mechanism.  Recently the system came to the mobile payment market, taking companies such as square and PayPal here. The label is a combination of a secure card reader, which must be purchased for US$10, and a free mobile app. Together, they offer a platform that allows businesses to accept credit and debit card payments using smart phones or tablet. The introductory fees for sign up on or before of 31 is 1.75 percent per card swipe which is expected to last till January 1, 2016 after which the standard rate of 2.75 percent will apply. The system enables a free deposit of the fund in a bank the very next business day.

Amazon in a battle for ebooks

Amazon, which has been sometime involved in the battle of ebook prices   was expected to prepare itself for uprooting the created discrepancies in the cool functioning of the system, whilst the recent news of Amazon’s cancellation of the preorders from Disney has worsened the present situation which is a sign of Amazon’s direct entry for a dispute with the publisher Disney. Despite the heat it has taken up from the authors and publishers in the ebook pricing fight, Amazon doesn’t seem to get deprived from the battlefield or there are no clues of any attempted compromises. The e –commerce giant  is not even a bit shook  or is ready to reform the present aggressive strategy  which it has adopted  recently. Whereas the company might be feeling a little stung as it has the need to explain itself to the customers to gather up  the required support and hence to polish its fame.

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