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ProStores Taking Bombay’s Cutting Chai Online!

It is often said about Bombay that the most magical of stories find its roots in this charming city. It is a place which witnesses a co-existence of 12 million people from all walks of life. The poor and the rich, the big and the small, the old and the young – this city houses them all. Amidst all of them, one group of people who have been an integral part of Mumbai’s culture are the city’s famed chaiwalas, or tea vendors.
Mumbaikars have always loved their tea, and that is the reason why thousands of chaiwalasline the streets everyday to serve the city its favourite drink. Everyone loves a sip or two, be it executives discussing strategies while puffing on a cigarette or labourers taking a break after toiling hard in the summer sun.

List of Online Shopping Sites in USA

Here is a list of Best Online Shopping Sites in USA.  This is the list of  2014 Online Shopping E- commerce Website in United States of America.

Hottest U.S. Internet and Mobile Retail Sites in 2013, 2012, and 2011

Amazon India Surpassed Flipkart and Snapdeal

Amazon India has shown its muscle power to Indian Ecommerce giants Flipkart and Snapdeal. Yes you read it right. In just 8-10 months of time, Amazon has shown that they are the world leader when it comes to Marketplace model. They have tied up with thousands of Dealer/Merchant and bringing them on-board across 20 categories. They claimed to have over 15 million products in, while Flipkart and Snapdeal have 10 million and 4 million respectively. 

List of Open Source Ecommerce Software

Open Source Ecommerce Platforms
Open Source Ecommerce Platforms
Open-source e-commerce softwares provide entire web store application or part of a web store like shopping cart. These softwares have features such as shopping cart functionality and product catalogs that enable store owners to set up, run and maintain online stores. Typically, Open-source e-commerce softwares are available for free, however, other fees may exist for varying types of memberships.  Small size companies where transaction volumes are low adopt open-source software and it has been a mainstream activity for almost more than five years. But many large enterprises are wary of adopting open-source e-commerce for large-scale and midsize e-commerce sites, because of concerns over reliability in supporting large transaction volumes. Scalability and security are the major bottleneck for large-scale transactional sites.

Website Review of is a flagship of the largest online retail store; The parent company is an international e-commerce company that has its operations in many countries and it ships some products from one country to another. It started off as an online bookstore but entered into many other products category very soon. Amazon seller services private limited is the affiliate in India which operates and manages the operations of in India. The vision of company is to create the biggest market place for its customers who can buy anything from this market that too at affordable prices and having total quality guarantee. 

The Visual Generation & The eCommerce Revolution: Tips & Technologies for Victory

You might have a great website, selling great products, but if you don’t have a compelling visual experience online, you might soon be struggling to keep up with your competitors.

Visual Innovation
According to Kissmetrics, 93% of consumers place visual appearance above all other factors when shopping online. So how does this affect online retailers? Well, the same as product placement and store layout does in bricks-and-mortar stores. As always, it is a case of fight or flight for retailers, with global competition and technological changes confirming the need for visual innovation on eCommerce sites. 

The Rise of Tablet Shopping and What Online Retailers Need to Know About it

With the advancements of today’s technology, online is becoming the norm for many shoppers. In a recent survey in Britain, 29% of respondents stated that online shopping is the ‘best tech development of our time’. They mean it as well with eMarketer forecasting that the global eCommerce trade is expected to increase by 20.1% this year to reach $1.5 trillion, and with 70% of shoppers claiming to prefer online over real world shopping

New Shopify App: Show. See. Sold. Interactive Display

Did you know that as many as 50% of sales are lost because potential customers can’t find what they are looking for, and an estimated 75% of shoppers never scroll past the first page of search results?

Research shows that images are the most important factor in the online shopping experience, more important even than price. When we shop we scan many items in a way that allows items of interest to catch our eye through the tracking of subtle factors such as colour, shape and position.

How you can leverage visual search to get your customers to buy more

Online shopping can be a pleasurable experience for shoppers, especially when they find that must-buy item. But when they can’t find what they are looking for? Absolutely frustrating – both in the eCommerce space and when those pesky car keys go missing. This is why a proactive approach to visual search and display is becoming more important for online retailers in the do-or-die world of eCommerce.

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