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Online Toys in India | ToyTasting and Yellow Giraffe

ToyTasting is one of the largest non-media house YouTube channel in India. The channel was founded in Jan-12, by Richa Dikshit, formerly an investment banker with Merrill Lynch.  ToyTasting created a niche by focusing on making videos on toys. After the initial success of ToyTasting, Richa launched Yellow Giraffe to cater to the growing demand for toys in India.

Buying From SnapDeal : Think Twice

Guys – Snapdeal is a marketplace, they don’t keep inventory[items]. They work on dealer network. SnapDeal is just a broker/transaction portal. Snapdeal lists items on its website and don’t do proper check with their dealers.
Recently, I have encountered with two such incidents. I don’t know if you guys have also experienced the same. My Success Rate with Snapdeal is 0%