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Flipkart launched ebook application on android platform; Enforcement Directorate to probe Flipkart

Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart announced today the launch of ebook application on Flyte digital store. To woo the customers company has offered  4000 free ebooks to download. Currently, total number of ebooks are close to 70,000. If you compare between the price of ebooks available on digital store is little less than physical books. From our sources we got to know that they are soon coming up with Windows app too. - Online Grocery Store in Mumbai is a Hindi name. It means by asking " What is the cost" from a seller. It is an online grocery store in Mumbai. started by Sachin Pikle.  He comes from a technology and eCommerce consulting background. He has handled various eCommerce assignments with both global and Indian retail giants like Walmart, Future Group and others in the last few years. Previously he has been associated with global Banking and Insurance majors like Westpac, J.P. Morgan, American Express and others. Sachin Pikle holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Mumbai University and has over 15 years of diverse industry experience. We had a talk to know more about his current venture

Mahesh Bhupathi backed India's Online Sports and Fitness Store

Live Sports365 E-Retail Pvt. Ltd ( is India’s first professionally managed sports and Fitness Company. The group runs one of India’s finest e-Commerce stores which offers more than 8000 products from 100 brands, both national and international. Sports365 is your one stop shop for sports equipment online. From badminton racquets, sports shoes and apparel and cycling gear to fitness products like yoga mats and so on Sports365 is your one stop shop for sports equipment online. The institutional business unit offers turn-key solutions in terms of sports infrastructure, apparel and infrastructure to corporates, schools and colleges, sports clubs and academies, residential properties, fitness centers and hotels.

Sports365 is the coming together of management professionals with a passion for sports and accomplished sporting icons.  (The leadership team comprises of Sekhar Reddy and Mahesh Bhupathi.) We are also supported by Yuvraj Singh, Dipika Pallikal, Lara Dutta and Panka…


The story of discount coupons in India is in its infancy and is all set to grow to huge proportions as the online and retail industry grows. It is at this stage, that one needs to look at and address certain areas in coupon promotion to create a standardized and level playing field to avoid needless controversy in the future.
Discount coupons in India are distributed directly by the merchant to customers and through affiliates and partners as well. By giving discount coupons to affiliates and partners the merchant accesses the user base of the affiliate and partner and converts some of the users as well. The partner and affiliate provides access to the merchant to a larger base for a reward or commission. Despite appearing like a win-win situation there are a few discrepancies in the process. These discrepancies are best solved right now before the market matures.

20 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Internet Retailers are spending a lot of money on Advertisements on  Electronic and Print media to get more and more customers. Many of them are successful in getting traffic to their websites, but eventually not turning them into buyers. Typically, Industry average for conversion is close to 1-2 % of the total traffic. Can we make it to 4-5%?  How can you convert first time visitor to your customer? What are the best practices for any online retailer to get more conversion?
Below is the check list:

How can Internet Retailers become profitable?

Acquiring an online customer cost close to INR 1500 to many Internet retailers. This is a huge cost considering the order size, etailers receive. The cost can be justified only through multiple repeat purchases.  This is an area companies should look to reduce acquisition cost or increase sales. New etailers are mushrooming every other day and customer loyalty is hard to achieve in India. Tier-1 companies are seeing huge demand so they are comfortable at this point in time but not for much longer time. 

Online Retail Acquisitions – Are Investors Cutting Losses?

It’s almost 5 years and we saw huge traction in online buying. Industry is new. But players are many. In-store retailers are also making an appearance on Internet. Investors have already put money in e-commerce. In 2009 – USD 105 million, In 2010 – USD 111 million and In 2011 – USD 908 million. Nobody is willing to miss the bus. The result – we have hundreds of etailers evolved within no time.  Many of them have received huge funding from common investors. Top lines of many tier-1 retailers are growing multifold year on year but bottom line is getting a hit.  Reason is Intense competition and every company is trying to grab the customers resulting in huge marketing cost and upfront discount. This is the driving force for many investors to Consolidate – join the two firms into one. The benefit – it will lower down the fixed cost and improve operational efficiency.

Ecommerce: Online Travel Vs Online Retail

In India, Ecommerce phenomenon started with services side, people bought railway tickets, airline tickets, concerts ticket passes, Cricket Match ticket, Deals, Mobile recharge etc. Out of these the volume of online ticketing is huge. Things have changed and now people are buying books, apparel, electronics, home accessories and anything you can think of. It’s all about convenience and good deal what people generally quote. Current trend shows that E-tailing to grow 4 times as fast as online travel.

Indian Ecommerce: Current Trends

It is almost certain that the next blue ocean in India is going to be ecommerce. There are some of facts that exactly give us the holistic picture of ecommerce Industry. Indian retail market will be worth 900 bn USD by 2014 and out of which online contribution is just 0.47%, while the global Industry average is 4%. Our neighbour country China is very close to the Industry average.  Number of people below the age of 35 is going to be closed to 828 Mn by 2015. This can be very interesting figure for all e-commerce companies in India. Adoption of new technology is also an important factor for fueling the growth of e-commerce Industry. Current trend shows that India will have 450 Mn smartphone users and close to 100 Mn 3G users by 2015. Most Important – The Internet -  Close to 376 Mn unique internet users by 2015 and Current users: 120 Mn but we are still struggling with Infrastructure and bandwidth (High speed Internet).

5 Things Before You Start Ecommerce Website

In this article, we are not covering registering a business or any legal advice on whether you should register a sole proprietor or LLC or Pvt. Ltd. We are talking about things you should take care of before you  are thinking of starting of e-commerce business
Vendor Management: Vendors are the most important part of the entire supply chain when you are starting an ecommerce site. Should you buy products and create inventory or should you rely on the vendors and give them the responsibility of getting things delivered or Just pick it up from the Vendors as and when you receive the order. Multiple things can be worked out, each have its own pluses and minuses. It also depends on the types of products you are selling on your website.