About Us

Retailopia is a common platform for Brick and Mortar Retailers, Online Retailers, Retail Technology Providers and End Customers. 

1. Retail Startups: In retail startups we cover Internet Retailers that are quite young. Typically, we feature these startups through an interview session. Before conducting any interview, our research team does a deep dive analysis about the company. We call this section as Startup Central. Also, we are geography agnostic. If you are a startup and you have something unique that in turn will help end customers, do write to us at Startup@retailopia.com

2. Product Reviews: Any web / mobile / tablet/social media based retail technology product – we pick it up, do a deep dive on its features, usability, feature comparison with similar products. This section we call it  Product 360. if you would like to us do any of your existing or new websites/ Mobile/ Ipad applications, do write to us Product@retailopia.com

3. Thought Leadership Articles on Retail Industry: We always keep an hawk eye on Retail Industry. Where is the industry heading? What new technologies are coming? How is it impacting the retail industry. If you  would like to contribute write to us at  Article@retailopia.com

4. Advisory and Consulting: Let us know if you would like to engage our experts for any of your current challenges where we can help you. Write to us at Consulting@retailopia.com

Having said that we are also open for contributing to any retail journals, conducting retail specific conferences/round table session/webinars on any specific topics.

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