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Showing posts from May, 2014 Taking Bombay’s Cutting Chai Online!

It is often said about Bombay that the most magical of stories find its roots in this charming city. It is a place which witnesses a co-existence of 12 million people from all walks of life. The poor and the rich, the big and the small, the old and the young – this city houses them all. Amidst all of them, one group of people who have been an integral part of Mumbai’s culture are the city’s famed chaiwalas, or tea vendors. Mumbaikars have always loved their tea, and that is the reason why thousands of chaiwalasline the streets everyday to serve the city its favourite drink. Everyone loves a sip or two, be it executives discussing strategies while puffing on a cigarette or labourers taking a break after toiling hard in the summer sun.