Point of View: Google India MD Rajan Anandan on Indian ecommerce

10% of Indian population uses Internet and 40% of users come from cities with population less than 1 million. These are the interesting figures for online retailers. Close to 50% orders are coming from non-metro cities for Internet retailers. If we look at the global world , total retail market is approximately 16 trillion USD and out of which 4% is online and mobile. China is very close to the global figure as 3.4 % of the total retail happening  online. In India, the ecommerce is just started and its contribution is 0.2 % of the overall retail. The top three categories in online retail in India are Electronics goods,  Apparels and Books - total contribution 80% of online retail.

Retechcon 2012, May 17 -18, 2012 Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai

Objectives on Retechcon
Technology is one of the biggest growth drivers for retailers, RAI's Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon) is the most popular technology platform for retailers to interface with retail technology vendors/service providers, industry experts and retail professionals.

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