Pinterest in India: What it means to consumers

Few days back, my wife was trying to get ideas on interiors, kitchen accessories, decorative pieces, lampshades, cushion covers, curtains etc. Henceforth, she used Google to match her needs. It was a tiring and cumbersome process to look into websites of every interior designer and then download the catalogue and collate such images.

All of sudden, Pinterest came to our lives. We got beautiful ideas to decorate our house. But just ideas!  We wanted to purchase those things but it was difficult since all the brands listed were catering to US audience. Indian market also caters to those but people are not used to pinning it or I would say most of the Companies don’t have the option to “Pin it”

Having said that, Pinterest is picking up in India, recently almost all the media houses have added Pinterest to most of their websites. All TV Today websites and Network TV 18 are Pinterest enabled.  But it is difficult to understand the rationale behind “Pin it”. Pinning the images of “News items” will end up in what? Is it for increasing traffic to the website?

On the other hand, the modern household item seller “@home” (by Future Group) has recently added Pinterest to its website, while competitors HomeCenter ( by Lifestyle group) and Homestop (by Shopperstop)  don’t have even social touch on their websites. 

There is no doubt that Pinterest is set to grow in India, but early takers will definitely get the advantage.