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Shop.InOnIt - Wharton Girls E-commerce Venture

Shop InOnIt is started by two beautiful young  girls Meghna and Namrata . They studied in Wharton School, worked few years in US and came back to India to start something on ecommerce.  To cover their story and to know more about ShopInOnIt , we had a talk with them to know more about their plans about Shop InOnIT.

What is Shop InOnIt into and how are you different compare to any of other ecommerce company catering to same segment?
Shop InOnIt is a place for online shoppers can discover unique and high quality products from new and emerging brands and designers and get these delivered straight to their doorstep.

We differ from other ecommerce companies due to the following:
  • We have a very careful selection of products and designers that we house. We make sure that the type of product will resonate well with our audience and the quality will satisfy them.
  • We have a very streamlined customer service process. Customers can email us at any time and we aim to respond within 24 hours. Also we are in touch with the customer at every step of the order, from order placement to dispatch to delivery

Why did you folks quit your lucrative high paying jobs and venture into ecommerce?
Meghna Mittal and I met at the Wharton School. We both graduated in 2006 with a degree in Economics and continued to work in New York for a few years. Meghna worked for Bear Sterns and I worked at Goldman Sachs. When we returned to Mumbai in 2010, we began researching options for potential business opportunities in India and sectors and spaces where we might be able to add value.

We came to realize that the Indian online space was being flooded by websites offering deep discounts and daily deals, e-directories and e-magazines. But we found very little online that would help us get around our own city, Mumbai and keep us updated with everything in the lifestyle space. Thus, was born the idea to have a comprehensive directory as well as an event update system making it easy for members to just log on to find out general information about all lifestyle merchants in their city. was born in April 2011. Along the way, as we discovered new and upcoming brands across India, we decided to give our members the ability to purchase from them online itself, which brings us to, which was launched in December 2011.

So starting this curated ecommerce channel was natural for us since we wanted to give our users the ability to be able to do more online than just discover events in the city.

Which all Geography in India are you operating and tell us something about your expansion plan?
Our office is headquartered in Mumbai, but we offer shipping all across India. We also started International Shipping on April 1, and since then have been shipping globally.

What all product lines Shop InOnIt have and next 2-3 years what all you would like to add ?
Anything in the lifestyle space is game for us. We are not looking at entering the electronics or books space. Currently Shop Inonit has products in women’s apparel, men’s apparel, jewellery, bags and home d├ęcor items. We would like to add more items in kids apparel, and men’s sections. At the current stage our website products are more skewed to a female audience. However, we would like the product selection to be more balanced going forward.

How many customer visits to Shop InOnIt out of which, what is the success ratio?
We have 25,000 visits a month and a conversion rate of around 1.7%.

How socially enable you website is? Do you have a social app of your website?
Our website is very socially enabled, as every product page as well as every designer page can be shared directly on facebook, twitter or any other social networks that they users are a part of. Additionally, we have a comments and reviews section under every product that users can use to rate their purchases so that others may make more informed decisions.

Did you get the right analytics about who your customers are and what they are looking and why they leave your website without making the purchase?
We have had some customers create wishlists but not purchase the item. Sometimes users do this so they may buy the product at a later stage (sort of like a bookmarking tool).  Any users who have abandoned carts may have had issues entering their credit card information and left the website. We are working on the analytics to see what the drop off point of a user is. Average pages per visit is quite high (more than 7) and bounce rate is quite low, so we feel users in general enjoy browsing through our product selection.

What is your marketing strategy?
Being a start-up, we don’t have a huge budget for marketing, and so we look at innovative ways to market our website.
  • Word of mouth advertising – where in ,we are focused on providing a good customer experience so that our current customers spread the word about us
  • Reviews, Features and contests on blogs and other websites
  • Weekly promotions where we do sales on different products

Do you have mobile site /application also?
We are in the process of creating a mobile app. It should be live shortly.

How many brands Shop InOnIt tied up with?
Shop InOnIt currently has partnerships with around 90 brands and our aim is to add 10-15 brands to the e-store every month. 

What is your focus for next 6-8 months?
The focus for the next 6-8 months would be to
  • Continue adding new products and creating a more extensive catalogue for our customers
  • Complete development of the mobile app as mobile gets more popular

What is your vision for Shop InOnIt?
To be a leader in the lifestyle and fashion e-commerce space and a launching pad for emerging brands and designers to showcase their products and for customers to find products that are unique and good quality.

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