Indian Ecommerce: Current Trends

It is almost certain that the next blue ocean in India is going to be ecommerce. There are some of facts that exactly give us the holistic picture of ecommerce Industry. Indian retail market will be worth 900 bn USD by 2014 and out of which online contribution is just 0.47%, while the global Industry average is 4%. Our neighbour country China is very close to the Industry average.  Number of people below the age of 35 is going to be closed to 828 Mn by 2015. This can be very interesting figure for all e-commerce companies in India. Adoption of new technology is also an important factor for fueling the growth of e-commerce Industry. Current trend shows that India will have 450 Mn smartphone users and close to 100 Mn 3G users by 2015. Most Important – The Internet -  Close to 376 Mn unique internet users by 2015 and Current users: 120 Mn but we are still struggling with Infrastructure and bandwidth (High speed Internet).

Indian e-commerce revenue projected to reach USD 125-260Bn for the year 2024-25: Current revenue: USD 10 Bn

Source: Avendus Report; Morgan Stanley Research; Pricewaterhouse Coopers; Comscore; Zinnov