Dezyna : Social Affiliate Program to Reduce Ecommerce Customer Acquisition Cost

If you have a content-driven Web site, how can you make money off your traffic? or If you are an online merchant, how can you get people to your site to buy your products? One popular option that serves both of these functions is an affiliate program. and here comes Dezyna.

Dezyna is founded by Ankit Arora. Before starting dezyna, he was in Silicon Valley, California where he worked as an engineer at an  Electronic Design Automation Company. After returning to India, he started an online skill school called He loves entrepreneurship, creating code, and is also a marathon runner. He holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California. We had a talk with Ankit to know more about Dezyna.

What is ? is a product discovery and social affiliate platform. 
The social affiliate platform enables merchants to create an affiliate program to reward users whenever a sale happens due to their recommendation. A “Share” button is embedded on the product page or an offers page on the merchant’s site. A unique referral link is automatically created each time a user clicks on the button. The user can share this link on social networks or blogs. Moreover, the offers and products are also aggregated on

What does dezyna mean ?

dezyna is derived from "design" and is pronounced as 'designaa'. Basically, our vision is to aggregate the best designed products on our portal from all over the web.  

How did you think about this idea?

This idea is based on two of my observations. Firstly, e-commerce companies are spending a lot of money on customer acquisition and hence the online retail business is not sustainable at present. Secondly, many new e-commerce companies selling unique and niche products online have started up but still it's very difficult for consumers to discover these products.

So our platform solves these two problems by combining a product discovery platform with a social affiliate platform.

Could you elaborate on how the platform helps e-commerce companies ?

The social affiliate platform helps e-commerce companies reduce their cost of customer acquisition by combining social networking with affiliate marketing. It helps them increase brand visibility by turning their users into social sellers. Moreover, the platform is designed to be performance driven and merchants pay only when a sale takes place on their site. 

Have you raised any funding yet?
No, we haven't raised any funding yet and are completely bootstrapped. 

We're looking for seed capital to build a great team. But most importantly, right now, we're looking for mentors to teach and guide us.

Where do you want to see dezyna after a year?

We want to help and work with as many online merchants as possible after a year. Also, we want to make our product discovery platform more relevant, smart, and user-centric.