Pricesbolo : Price Search Engine With New User Interface

You have taken a decision on what you want to buy online, but which site? Jabong, Flipkart, Tradus, Naaptol , there are plenty of others. If you are loyal to any particular online store, you will buy from that, it may end up charging you more. If you are smart, you will go through each and every website and search prices that is very cumbersome and time consuming Process. But if you are smarter, you can do one more click and search price on Pricesbolo. It is a Price comparison site. This is basically Price Search Engine with kick ass UI.

PricesBolo is revolutionized with One Click Price Search for Mobile Phones. PricesBolo is transformed into Price Search Engine and helps consumers to know the best price of mobile phones from all online stores within seconds. The user interface is very simple but powerful. The single page design without pagination will help the users to find the price of a product without any hassles.

Predictye is an innovative mind reading feature which can predict and auto-complete the appropriate word after seeing your keystrokes.

There are filters on the left side which will help to refine the results on the fly. The Seller filter will help the users to refine the results with their favorite sellers.

Results along with the related accessories are much helpful for the users in buying decision process. When the user searches Samsung Galaxy S3, he gets prices from all online stores along with the related accessories like Screen protector, Flip case etc. for Samsung Galaxy S3.

“Our idea is to provide the latest prices from all online stores to the users within seconds and help them in buying decision process. We planned to add other categories in coming months. We want to build and maintain the trust among the existing users and scale the user base with the help of search engines, Social media, Bloggers etc.” says Parthiban TS , Co-founder and Director of