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Amazon in a battle for ebooks

Amazon, which has been sometime involved in the battle of ebook prices   was expected to prepare itself for uprooting the created discrepancies in the cool functioning of the system, whilst the recent news of Amazon’s cancellation of the preorders from Disney has worsened the present situation which is a sign of Amazon’s direct entry for a dispute with the publisher Disney. Despite the heat it has taken up from the authors and publishers in the ebook pricing fight, Amazon doesn’t seem to get deprived from the battlefield or there are no clues of any attempted compromises. The e –commerce giant  is not even a bit shook  or is ready to reform the present aggressive strategy  which it has adopted  recently. Whereas the company might be feeling a little stung as it has the need to explain itself to the customers to gather up  the required support and hence to polish its fame.

With the battle against Hachette over the pricing issue, already there where chaos created in the whole functioning of the company, which rather had created an opportunity for the competitors existing. But the e – commerce giant seems to remain well determined and confident to move with the system as it gained sufficient supports from the consumer side. Even though for Amazon , the system of rendering e books for free is  a  justifiable policy when viewed favorable  to the costumers ,it  on  other side creates  lot of  negative pre-assumptions amongst the publishers as it is claimed by the writers and publishers  that the less cost of  system will reduce the value of the books.

 Earlier this year Amazon stopped taking preorders for Hachette books that lengthened delivery times and reduced discounts for books published by Hachette. “The recent battle to take on Disney in turn will create lot of troubles for the customers “says an analyst .But Amazon on the other hand has revealed that they will never give up for the fight for reasonable  e-books and the  message is  already passed  by the company  through an appeal to the readers."We know making books more affordable is good for book culture," the company said, dismissing the argument that lower e-book prices devalue books.  Amidst of all the ongoing fights Amazon’s actions against Hachette have splitted the authors' community to a vivid extend .Hundreds of well-known authors including Stephen King and James Patterson  criticized both parties.

 "The bottom line for everybody in this soap opera is money, “says Mike Jude, Stratecast consumer communication services program manager at Frost &Sullivan .Amazon would try to make more money, so as Hachette” he added. He intimated before the media that the 2 parties will have to face the expected responses ,as the authors are getting screwed up. An analysis on the company’s income recently showed that the company is meeting with an evident   decline of income, the Q2 earnings report of Amazon listed a larger-than-expected loss of US$126 million and the company has projected a loss of more than $800 million in Q3.

 “Amazon’s fight with Disney is a tactic to attain more profit” says Jude as he added that “if that wasn’t so, a giant like Amazon will never get indulged in something like this”.  however for Amazon s if  the transaction volume is  important, For Disney the market will remain inelastic to price, as no one will attempt to get copies more than one for a book. Yet for Disney the hope that the government libraries give can be quite consoling.

It is a matter of great dismay and a rather doubtful phenomenon too, that Amazon has histories of such cancellation of preorders. In May it stopped taking preorders from Warner Home video movies during a dispute with Time Warner. There are also reports that some years back it stopped with the McMillan Company too. Hence, the dispute with Disney  can be considered as a yet  another goal for Amazon  ready for a triumphant  strike  as Amazon always urges for the publishers to work for them directly and on the other side it is as evident as that  , Disney is that  autonomous power that has the potential to break Amazon.”The short term policies of Amazon excel in consumer friendly approach but the long-term is quite unpredictable cautioned “Jude.

Yet amidst of all tactics and weird dramas, the question of justice and loyalty remains obsolete in the money minded world.

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