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Cashkaro : A Blend of Coupons, Referrals and Cashback

Cashkaro LogoFor people obsessed with shopping more than ever and for those who are proud of their bargaining skills, online retail stores or the new generation e-commerce sites have given them a reason to rejoice. With a modest entry into the Indian retail market, many of the e-commerce websites have already managed to garner great turnovers, drive sales and make revenues.

Shopping, for Indians a decade back was all about heading to the nearest marketplace where one would first stroll down the market lane carefully marking down the stores with the best deals available. Only to later step into the same store and further bargain to bring down the prices. Happiness at that moment seems to overshadow the amount spent on shopping over and over again, even if one saves only a meagre amount.

Decoding the need of a country obsessed with shopping, e-commerce start-ups such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal, Zovi etc. entered the online retails sector paving way for the many more following. The first few years may not have fetched that good results but almost after half a decade of planned investments and rigorous promotions, the big boys in the business finally made it large.

A virtual web store, which till now was a concept was materialized to become the next big thing within the Indian e-retail sector. From a user count of thousand initially, today the online retail stores cater to more than a million customers each day.

What made this concept of online shopping click is the universal principle to be followed by the services sector, i.e. ‘customer convenience and satisfaction’.

  • ·    A virtual warehouse with near endless list of products to choose from wooed the population to start purchasing over the internet. From clothing & accessories line up, electronics, mobiles & computers to groceries, essential toiletries & personal care products and even travel tickets.  No more cat fight for the same product, but just a click is what one needs to get a desired product.
  •      Genuine product of first hand quality is what gets delivered at your doorsteps even before you think it’s time. Access to product images with an all-round view, user reviews and online ratings helps a user to be sure about the product before actually picking it up.
  •      Ease of payment options to make payments gives the online retailers an edge over the offline retailers. The payment procedure trimmed down to just a matter of clicks enables the users to pay by Cash on Delivery, Online payment/Net banking or EMI payments allows customers to shop freely.
  •    24/7 customer care support, dedicated helplines and e-mailer provide advice, solution and resolution to those in need. Home delivery and product returns are the add-on features which have made shopping online much more convenient than purchasing from a normal store
However, what give the online retail majors an edge over the offline retailers is the discounted rates and the free coupons provided. The think tanks at these retail stores managed to break into what an Indian shopper would want while shopping? And the answer is ‘Discount and even more discount’!

Shopping deals up on an online retail website does wonders and draws a sea of user traffic from out there. The discounted sales such as clearance sales, flash sale and festive sales etc. feature round the year giving eager/ogling shoppers a chance to grab the best for cheap deals.

With this I’ll stop talking about the changing market trends in India and the booming online retail sector and move on to the next.

So, if you were thinking that this is all what e-commerce has, then welcome to the world of Coupons and Cashback! I will not be surprised when you get to know that one can now get assured Cashback and Coupon on shopping.

“Earn money on whatever you spend”

Say hello to! India’s largest Cashback & Coupon site. a start-up cashback site is almost a year old now and it already has a strong hold in the category. Unlike the other deal sites which provide discount coupons, Cashkaro is quite unique than the rest as it actually provides extra Cashback every time one shops. Thus you earn money when spend on your shopping.
Partnering with 500+ retailers providing services across India, Cashkaro has already paid off more than 1 crore as Cashback to its users. The Cashback paid comes from the referral fee earns from an online retailer for promoting and generating traffic and sales for the respective retailer. It’s not just about Cashback but Cashkaro also promotes and distributes discount coupons and voucher codes exclusively for the user. Thus, it helps one save money on every shopping.

To avail the best out of this service, visit and register. Check for a preferred retailer’s store page from 500+ major retailers on Cashkaro’s website and choose the category you want to shop from. Once you click on a mentioned deal, you are further redirected to the retailer’s website. Indulge in shopping as you please while your Cashback gets automatically added into your Cashkaro account.

Till the time you shop via Cashkaro you will receive Cashback for all your transactions. 500+ retailers like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Naaptol, etc and a 1000 more categories including books, apparels, electronics, tickets, personal care and many more to choose from. You save on everything you buy. This is Midas touch.

A treat for online shoppers and a must try for all those who look forward to shop online.

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