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Myntra - A Jackpot for Flipkart ?

Myntra is now striving the best to keep it’s promise of establishing itself in the realm of e-commerce fashion market by its great contributions and innovative ideas that it adopted within a short span of time to prove the excellence. As the CEO of the company once told that the fledging e – commerce market will shortly see the consolidated emergence of each company individually over the 2 years.
The present success of the fashion company makes it evident that it has crossed leaps and bounds of success. Even though some time before, in May, Myntra   was taken off by Flipkart which was expected to fade out the grace of the firm. Myntra hardly established its root deep under the basement of the giant Flipkart. It is now the head and the most dominant in the present e- commerce sector holding a space of 60% in the online sector thus acquiring the top portfolio in flip kart. Both the entities together is expected tos contribute a $2 billion in the online purchase and fashion sector by the end of 2016.

There were initially obsolete chaos and critics fastened among the mass, when came the first sprout up of the news of Flipkart’s acquisition of Myntra. But the recent news of the large income and the combined analysis of the economic hike in the company proves the decision made  as worthy and the best of the best that Flipkart has ever made. The mutual symbiotic relationship of Myntra and the Flipkart is the existing evidence of the perfect integrity made  for the benefit of the 2 extreme isles in the online sector. Let it be pre or post , Myntra has managed to stick to its name ‘ the best street player’ in fashion purchase sector.Myntra is such a great counterpart that supports and aids Flipkart to establish itself in the field of fashion and it can be  rather considered as a perfect  bridging labels between consumers and the luxury.

With a rise in the consciousness of prĂȘt and the urge for western style, the people are in search of such most user-friendly, easily reachable- best choice granting units. This was in turn realized by Myntra to dig up more potential to satisfy the today’s needs and the tomorrow’s expectations. Thus the tactics found out were well utilized by the label to emerge as a vertical player in the market. For Flip kart, Myntra in it’s grab is like a fish in kettle which is evident from the recent news about Flipkart, its rise of investment particularly in the fashion sector. It has committed to putting a worthy amount of 100 million $in the sector where Myntra can be a king. Flushed with cash, huge investments are done at present to improve the distribution capability, software efficiency, collections in the fashion online purchase platforms etc. It is anticipated that within a short time, fashion will  grow undoubtfully to acquire the online market, may be the reason for why Flipkart sorted to acquire Myntra .Positively Flipkart is on an adventure to hunt its prey in the fashion and trendy sector with its arrow the Myntra.

Still the entrepreneurs of Myntra are there in search of something to improve the existing standard, sorting new- new methodologies. At Myntra, the CEO Banzal is busy now to create a strong fashion DNA for the future, finding novel methods to attract the fashion conscious community of India, for which he recently came up with a fascinating show, service style conducted recently which was presided by Nargis Fakhri, the bollywood actress, a telephonic prototype for grantings tips for the perfect look. The collected  a good feedback which was more than enough for him to judge the present fashion maniac extend in the country. The recently made choice of the brand ambassadors Kangana Ranaut and Ranveer Singh is also an evident tactful move of the firm to acquire the support of the common. It is expected that the forthcoming product launches in Myntra – Flipkart will create a lot of buss among the fashion maniacs.

 This Article has been written by Aparna Vijayan

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